There’s been a massive change in the way we listen to music. With the number of devices and options available increasing every quarter there’s no doubt this constant evolution will continue. Competition is hotting up, with Spotify announcing last week it’s added 1m active users in the UK over the last four months. According to… Read More

Christmas is approaching fast and at this time of year there’s a huge upsurge in sales of electronic goods. All of which is great news for radio and audio advertisers. But what’s likely to be the top selling technology gift this Christmas? According to technology Magazine “T3”, it’s likely to be the iPhone 5S. It’s… Read More

Rumour has it that next week Apple will release the iRadio service at its annual developer’s conference. From our point of view, the key questions are: a)            How will this service stack up next to the likes of Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, We7/Blinkbox and Google to name but a few? b)            Will Apple be able to… Read More

Spotify the ad funded music streaming service has launched in Mexico, Hong Kong and Eastern Europe and is now boasting more than 24 million active users worldwide. Big numbers. This is an important move for Spotify’s service, establishing itself within these emerging markets for streaming music. And now that the streaming and music services marketplace… Read More

At least 3.7 billion songs were streamed in 2012 from sites such as Spotify, Deezer and We7. 3.7 billion……..yikes! The music discovery and music listening marketplace is an absolute ocean of opportunity for us, as audio professionals. And yet, almost inevitably, a question we’re sometimes asked by journalists when this sort of stat comes up… Read More

From the announcement that VW, General Motors and many other large manufacturers are putting DAB radio into cars as standard to the fact that UK became the second largest market for new cars in the EU (according to the SMMT)… the UK has been really revving up its engines in 2012. Combining all this positive… Read More

Kudos to the great minds who’ve been working so hard on RadioPlayer . The Radio Industry’s gorgeous industry-wide online platform goes from strength to strength and it reassures, redirects, strengthens and expands the UK’s exceptional radio brands and product. You’ll find pretty much all of the stations on there, easily clicked on, easily listened to… Read More

Once again, Apple’s renowned PR and Marketing wheels have been churning away, creating another eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 release. Our opinion of the iPhone5 was fairly biased due to the number of Apple Fanboys in our office…..but the trajectory of Apple really does paint a rosy picture for radio. Why? Because it’s strongly rumoured that… Read More

Spotify today announces the release of its ‘Play’ button for website owners. Named the Spotify Play button this a widget for website developers to use across their sites to enable people to listen to music directly from their site (with the help of a Spotify account). Adding this Spotify widget will have a dual effect… Read More

So you’ve got all you’re ducks in a row, thinking outside their box, trying to come up with a win-win situation to clarify the bigger picture? ! No, well why not? Okay so marketing is not the jargon led minefield that it once was, but it is still hard to successfully hit the perfect target… Read More