A lot is said about radio’s role within the increasingly complex world of media integration. But even when complex technologies are involved, sometimes it’s the old ideas that work best. A brilliant example of this – is when we see radio stations using social media to do something they’ve pretty much always done…..tell listeners what… Read More

Bauer Media UK has announced that Magic and Kiss are to go national. It’s all part of Bauer’s national radio growth strategy and the changes are planned to take place from January 2015. Magic FM, currently broadcasting in London on 105.4 FM will be available across the UK on DAB with its “Good-mood music” proposition.… Read More

The latest data from the RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) has revealed that commercial radio delivered significant growth in Q2 2014 with total revenues increasing 13.6% year on year. It’s the best Q2 revenue performance since 2007. This is a significant increase in radio spend and it’s an upward trend that we’ve also been seeing at… Read More

Why is radio the channel of choice for small businesses? There are 2 reasons. Firstly, like many of the businesses themselves, radio is firmly rooted within a local area. Secondly, and most importantly, compared with many other mediums radio is an inexpensive way to deliver significant returns on investment. Radio is the “ROI multiplier”. RAB… Read More

Music has been a part of broadcast advertising since the early 20th Century. The first ever radio jingle was created for Wheaties – an American breakfast cereal. The jingle aired on Christmas Eve in 1926 and featured four male singers extolling the virtues of the brand. At Radio Experts we know that a big benefit… Read More

Our sponsorship and promotions team are always interested to see how brands promote themselves in other countries of the World and this one really caught our ears! A Brazilian travel magazine called “Go Outside” planned a promotional campaign with a local radio station in Sao Paulo that would literally turn the radio into a mosquito… Read More

There are now so many different ways to listen to radio. Traditional FM and AM are still popular, but as results from quarter 4 of the 2013 RAJAR demonstrate – listening via DAB is continuously growing. The increase in DAB listening could be partly due to the fact that 45.2% of all new cars now… Read More

Spring is a really busy time on radio for one type of advertiser. Although this sector of business advertises all year round, it’s particularly noticeable during Spring. We’re talking about recruitment. Spring is one of the key points in the year when companies advertise new vacancies and employees start to review their careers. At Radio… Read More

We were in meeting with a client a few days ago discussing the various merits of a few different approaches we had produced for their sonic identity. And within the choice was one particular example which although it consisted of the same sound constituents – it was significantly more musical than the others And we… Read More

Today is World Radio Day. Created by UNESCO in 2011, World Radio Day seeks raise awareness about the importance of radio, facilitate access to information through radio and enhance networking among broadcasters. Radio is recognised across the world as a low cost medium, ideally suited to reach remote communities and vulnerable people. Radio also has a… Read More