We’re immensely proud of the creative work we do here at Radio Experts and we like to keep in tune with radio advertising styles right across the globe, so here’s a variety of interesting commercials we’ve discovered from around the world. Northern Tool Hire [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwLC8x_8mb8&w=320&h=240] Dick Cheney Gun Safety Course [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMtbDPZJNXM&w=320&h=240] Old Spice [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACZrUcwJGJg&w=320&h=180] Broo… Read More

Is it in the car? On the train? In the office? In the kitchen? When you’re out walking somewhere? In the gym, or just for those crucial 20 minutes as you get up and get dressed? The fact is, pretty much all of us listen to the radio whilst doing something else – it’s how… Read More

We’d all like to have our own radio station. So technologies like Spotify , Last FM, We7 Radio and others all allow you to access this world of Radio On Demand. And just as we would all like to have our own unique radio station, so it is that every client would like to have… Read More

Before TV, radio was an all – powerful medium. Sir Winston Churchill used it to bolster Britain’s morale to help win the Second World War. His eloquence has never been equalled in 70 years. Why? Well a 30 second radio commercial leaves little time for eloquence. But that’s no excuse for not trying. I don’t… Read More

We’re all just a little bit afraid of silence. By ALL I mean those involved in creating, approving and producing radio commercials. We feel compelled to fill every second of the commercial length – after all, we paid for it didn’t we? Of course, too MUCH silence could throw the listener, inviting him to re-tune… Read More

Back in the 1970s in America, there was a comedy duo called Stiller and Meara who became spokespersons  for a wine called Blue Nun. Each commercial told a story, sometimes a little sad but always with humorous twists ,which ends in the couple sharing a bottle of Blue Nun wine. The equivalent today would be… Read More