Even before the dust settles on the 2015 General Election, we’re starting to see a change in the way businesses are viewing their marketing. For several months before the election, brands were being guarded about their plans to run radio campaigns before and after May 7th, unsure which way the results would fall. With the… Read More

If like us, you’ve been sweltering in the first official Heatwave since 2006 then you’ll know that hot weather can completely change how we feel, what we buy and what we respond to. And one of radio’s great strengths is the ability to get on air quickly and react to the weather. Which is why… Read More

As a London based company, we’re all affected by some of the marvellous delays on the tube, none so much as today, with the walkout of over 800 tube staff in a dispute over safety or coffee or something. So, we all spent the early hours of the morning falling asleep on somebody’s shoulder on… Read More