Digital Audio now reaches more people than ever before in the UK – 19.4 million, up from 15 million in 2013 (RAJAR Midas). Digital Audio is defined as any audio content streamed on a connected device. This includes digital and online radio, music streaming, podcasting and on-demand audio. Currently, 65% of these services offer audio… Read More

Music has been a part of broadcast advertising since the early 20th Century. The first ever radio jingle was created for Wheaties – an American breakfast cereal. The jingle aired on Christmas Eve in 1926 and featured four male singers extolling the virtues of the brand. At Radio Experts we know that a big benefit… Read More

There are now so many different ways to listen to radio. Traditional FM and AM are still popular, but as results from quarter 4 of the 2013 RAJAR demonstrate – listening via DAB is continuously growing. The increase in DAB listening could be partly due to the fact that 45.2% of all new cars now… Read More

What’s a great strategy to improve response to a radio campaign? At Radio Experts, we always say that the success of radio advertising can be influenced by many factors, but there is one simple thing you can do that will really help improve radio response and that is making sure all your ads have consistency.… Read More

We were in meeting with a client a few days ago discussing the various merits of a few different approaches we had produced for their sonic identity. And within the choice was one particular example which although it consisted of the same sound constituents – it was significantly more musical than the others And we… Read More

Were you glued to your intermittent web stream on Monday night pouring over the new features of Apples latest ios7 iteration due to be released this fall (autumn)? Or have you been sending audio boos to all of your twitter followers proclaiming how totes amaze* you’re feeling? (*erhum thanks Made in Chelsea) The audio world… Read More

There’s loads of good reasons to use radio but here’s one that’s really worth remembering – Radio offers the least clutter of all mainstream media. Why? 1)     Because Radio has the lowest advertising content to editorial ratio versus other mainstream media, so when your commercial is played it naturally has a bigger impact. 2)     Because… Read More

From the announcement that VW, General Motors and many other large manufacturers are putting DAB radio into cars as standard to the fact that UK became the second largest market for new cars in the EU (according to the SMMT)… the UK has been really revving up its engines in 2012. Combining all this positive… Read More

Yesterday saw the release of the new McDonald’s Christmas TV campaign. It joins the roster of big brand ads currently circulating as we edge closer to the festive period. This year, more than ever, these ads play on our nostalgic and emotional connection with Christmas – using sounds and visuals deeply ingrained in our memories… Read More