So far, the British summer is true to form: horribly hot, reliably rainy and constantly changeable. But whether we’ve been reaching for sunglasses or umbrellas, one thing we’ve been doing all year is listening to radio. The inescapable conclusion this new RAJAR quarter is that the British public LOVES radio. Audiences love the diversity of… Read More

The London Marathon takes place this Sunday and although none of the Radio Experts team will be on the start line, you could say we know quite a lot about the marathons and sprints. This is because we often use these as metaphors to describe the different ways to advertise on radio. A marathon means… Read More

Do you know what RAJAR is? More importantly, do you know why it’s so important? The next RAJAR results are due out this Thursday, so today, we’re giving you a very quick insight into Radio’s audience measurement system. What does RAJAR stand for? RAJAR stands for Radio Joint Audience Research and is the official body… Read More

The RAB’s Five I’s research into radio creative effectiveness is a stunning example of how to turn ‘Art into Science‘. In fact, with radio creative everyone has their own opinions about how to make great ads. And that’s fine. With something as precious and subjective as human creativity, there will always be different ways and… Read More

We often think of our friends in the Nordic regions as being forward minded. So it’s great to see one of the UK’s innovations getting their endorsement. Radio streaming platform Radioplayer has been a great success in the UK, making a massive contribution to the large increases in online listening (RAJAR). Now it has been… Read More

With the Jubilee weekend still ringing in our ears, especially the terrible singing of certain performers (sorry Cheryl) reports are showing that the Jubilee celebrations and the start of Euro 2012 are fuelling some very promising lifts in radio spend. Unsurprisingly advertisers are all vying for their place in the London marketplace this summer and… Read More

UK Radio’s relentless march towards an easier to understand set of brands (step step step)…..makes another small but positive move today when Signal 107 is born / reborn / re-birthed / evolved  and generally made a bit bigger. Today is the day that The Signal brand expands beyond its Staffordshire roots and also pumps its… Read More

All the middle-aged women scream at once…..singing sensation and dancing with the stars ‘star’ Donny Osmond returns to UK radio, with his four hour lifestyle show every Sunday evening broadcast from his Las Vegas studio onto the Smooth Radio Network. Donny Osmond has delved into UK radio before with a syndicated version of his show… Read More

Today sees the starting of a wave of re-tuning for digital radios. See get digital radios site on retuning here. For technical reasons owners of digital radios across the country will have to re-tune their radios to carry on receiving Capital, Heart, Choice, XFM, LBC and Kiss. This is primarily to improve the efficiency of… Read More