Capital: It’s a good news story for Capital with the Capital Network seeing a rise in both weekly reach and total listening hours, which is up from Q1 2016. Capital London is up in total listening hours by 6% from 9,474,000 to 10,061,000 with only a marginal 1% decrease in reach. Capital East Midlands has… Read More

On Monday, Scots around the world and in the UK will celebrate the life of one of Scotland’s most famous sons, Robbie Burns. This annual tradition will provide the chance to reflect on last year – a significant one for Scotland after the devolution vote and a big win for the SNP in the general… Read More

The London Marathon takes place this Sunday and although none of the Radio Experts team will be on the start line, you could say we know quite a lot about the marathons and sprints. This is because we often use these as metaphors to describe the different ways to advertise on radio. A marathon means… Read More

The BBC has traditionally led the way with speech radio but maybe this trend is changing. TalkSport currently has its highest ever listening figure of 3.25 million*. The station provides extensive football coverage for the game obsessed UK audience – as well as coverage of other sports such as cricket, golf and rugby union –… Read More

The latest data from the RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) has revealed that commercial radio delivered significant growth in Q2 2014 with total revenues increasing 13.6% year on year. It’s the best Q2 revenue performance since 2007. This is a significant increase in radio spend and it’s an upward trend that we’ve also been seeing at… Read More

There’s loads of good reasons to use radio but here’s one that’s really worth remembering – Radio offers the least clutter of all mainstream media. Why? 1)     Because Radio has the lowest advertising content to editorial ratio versus other mainstream media, so when your commercial is played it naturally has a bigger impact. 2)     Because… Read More

Whenever we talk to people about the intricacies of radio advertising, one of the things we’re often asked about is the value of using music in a commercial. Creating a memorable radio ad – one that stands out from the crowd, is always a challenge as every advertiser is competing for the listener’s attention. Using… Read More

Thanks to Nielsen’s Global Advertising Report, the good news is that radio ad spend worldwide is up by oodles. 6.6% to be precise. In the changing media landscape, only online fared better and online only faired a little bit better (7.2%). The figures are a comparison of year on year performance, so the real story… Read More

We are intently watching how Absolute Radio are developing their radio products and strangely these are starting to follow a model more similar to Spotify and radio on demand services than radio… Absolute are imminently going to be offering in stream audio adverts thanks to a partnership with an innovative European Ad measurement and distribution… Read More