Listen to any commercial radio station at the moment and you’ll hear lots of travel brands promoting their products and services. Why do they choose this time of year to advertise? With the Christmas and New Year festivities over and the cold weather biting, everyone is looking to plan and book a holiday, so it’s… Read More

Look at your advertising…how strong is your call to action? It’s amazing how many brands know that this is vital to effective advertising, yet often spend little time thinking about what they want the target audience to do and how they want them to do it. A strong call to action (CTA) is even more… Read More

As the handlebar moustaches, the Frank Zappas, the Philleas Foggs and Babyfaced Assassins all curl up their Movember moustachios, we can only marvel at the way that social activism is becoming so trend and viral driven. Pop a #hashtag on anything (or anyone) and you can pretty much #makeithappen. It’s a great example of social… Read More

OK…..everyone remembers the poor guy that misses the crucial penalty in the shoot out. Chris Waddle, Stuart Pearce, Gareth Southgate, David Batty…..oh the list goes on. Everyone remembers missed penalties, And in the same way, everyone remembers bad adverts. But you don’t hear Chris Waddle crowing about how wonderful it is that he missed his… Read More

Happy monday morning! As more and more people are now listening to both DAB Radio and FM Radio, a device where you can seamlessly switch between the two is long overdue. So I was pleased to see the news that Digital Radio UK are working with the major players in the industry such as Sony,… Read More