Last week saw the release of a new online radio station. But unlike other stations on the net this plays only radio jingles 247. What a concept?!! Just wall to wall famous advertising jingles and station stings….. Listen here What the station does do though is to remind us of the great quality of music… Read More

March 26th, a day that will live long in Midlands commercial radio history. Tonight from 7pm, Free Radio takes over as the named on air brand for what was BRMB, Mercia, Wyvern and Beacon. And whilst there may be some soggy bran flakes tomorrow morning as listeners adjust to the changes, we’re confident that by… Read More

UK Radio’s relentless march towards an easier to understand set of brands (step step step)…..makes another small but positive move today when Signal 107 is born / reborn / re-birthed / evolved  and generally made a bit bigger. Today is the day that The Signal brand expands beyond its Staffordshire roots and also pumps its… Read More

Barack Obama has created a 2012 campaign playlist on Spotify, including according to information on Spotify some of his favourite tracks. The playlist which was released yesterday in America already has a large number of followers, with an eclectic mix of music ranging from Mr Blue Sky by ELO to We Used to Wait by… Read More

Massive Kudos to Smooth and Simon Bates for announcing that next week their breakfast show will be broadcast from Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. Making such a bold move proves that commercially the station has balls of steel and true genuine pride in its Britishness. Commendable, admirable, inspirational, courageous – the superlatives trip off the tongue but… Read More

You may have noticed that as of this morning there was a big change in London’s breakfast radio landscape. On Friday afternoon news spread like wildfire that Johnny Vaughan had left Capital Radio and that Greg Burns would be filling in with Lisa Snowdon. As London’s biggest commercial breakfast show, Johnny Vaughan’s departure from Capital… Read More