The Cost of advertising on radio is dependent on a large number of different factors, these can be detailed into some main points which are listed below. If you’d rather just talk to one of us, please briefly fill in the form to the right and we will call you straight back. On the other hand if you want to look at some of the theory, please read on!

Radio Planning

  • Target Audience
  • Desired Station / On Demand Service
  • Length of commercial (normally 10, 20, 30 or 40 seconds)
  • The desired day parts at which you want the advert to be broadcasted¬† (eg morning, afternoon drivetime, overnight)
  • Type of activity? Airtime / sponsorship / competition / online synergy etc

Radio Creative

  • Number of ads required
  • Number of voices within the ads
  • Number (and size) of stations the ads will be broadcast on
  • Music/No Music
  • Type of Voice, famous or general voiceover

Clearly the cost of radio advertising can vary hugely as all of the above factors come into play. With our expert guidance we can help you to navigate through these points and work out how your radio commercial should sound and where it should be broadcasted.

Radio Advertising is extremely powerful as it can be brought in spot groupings, we can help to work out at what times of day your ad will be the most effective in relation to your product or service and your target audience.

Across the country there are over 360 commercial radio stations which gives a huge choice and a diverse marketplace with hundreds of different permutations and options for the advertiser to best target their audience.