The RAJAR results for Q4 2015 are in and our team of experts have been analysing them so you don’t have to. The big headline for commercial radio as a whole is that, with its highest ever audience, it now has more listeners than the BBC. Overall, more people are listening to radio with total… Read More

On Monday, Scots around the world and in the UK will celebrate the life of one of Scotland’s most famous sons, Robbie Burns. This annual tradition will provide the chance to reflect on last year – a significant one for Scotland after the devolution vote and a big win for the SNP in the general… Read More

Happy New Year. The UK has been back at work for a week now but, according to a new Job Exodus report, 49% of us are looking to change jobs in 2016. This is a problem for companies who need to fill the vacancies created by this restlessness, however, it’s a problem radio can solve.… Read More

Black Friday is over and the Christmas campaigns are running… so now’s the time to start thinking about the New Year. The first calendar month of the year is a great driver for change. Getting fit, booking a holiday somewhere sunny and searching for a new job are all activities that often take place in… Read More

Welcome to RAJAR day – the day when the results of radio listening are published for quarter 3. And it’s clear from this set of results that the increasing use of digital devices is helping to ensure radio surges forward in a multi-media world. These are just three of the big headlines in commercial radio’s… Read More

The big news on the big picture from Q2 2015 RAJAR is that overall radio listening has increased across the UK, and commercial radio in particular has made great gains so is now almost neck and neck with the BBC. Overall reach is up 1% and hours are up 3%, with commercial radio now boasting… Read More

Executive Summary – RAJAR Q1 2015 It’s RAJAR day today… the quarterly results for listening habits in Britain. And what better way to start our analysis than by entering the mindset of today’s listener? The simple fact, borne out by logic but also by the results that follow, is that things are changing and they’re… Read More

Even before the dust settles on the 2015 General Election, we’re starting to see a change in the way businesses are viewing their marketing. For several months before the election, brands were being guarded about their plans to run radio campaigns before and after May 7th, unsure which way the results would fall. With the… Read More

May Day has been celebrated as a Bank Holiday since 1978 and whilst nearly everything used to be closed most shops are now open. Even the 144-year-old tradition of banks being closed on public holidays is coming to an end with Britain’s biggest lenders due to open a number of branches on Monday. Retail has… Read More

The London Marathon takes place this Sunday and although none of the Radio Experts team will be on the start line, you could say we know quite a lot about the marathons and sprints. This is because we often use these as metaphors to describe the different ways to advertise on radio. A marathon means… Read More