This is a shameless plug for Radio Experts. Nevertheless, it contains an essential truth. Great radio needs specialist care and attention. From the planning through the creative process to the finished production you need people who are thoroughly immersed in the medium. Why should that be? The proliferation of stations has made the selection of… Read More

One of the more difficult commercials to write for radio is the product ‘demonstration.’ It has long been the stock in trade for TV advertising: “My product is superior and let me show you why.” Yet radio should not be shy over this – what is required is the extra 20% of thought and craft… Read More

Normally, a radio commercial is 30 seconds long. Take off five seconds for a phone number or website address and you’ve precious little time to make your case, tell your story, woo your listener. 30 seconds -it’s a good discipline, meaning the writer has to make every word count. And that’s the currency so that’s… Read More

I’ve just been onto the Talksport website. I make it my business as a radio advertising expert to regularly do a ‘secret shop’ on all of the main radio station websites. What struck me as fascinating about the Talksport site was just how much of a multimedia zone it has become and how much World… Read More

When a radio advertising  brief arrives, every writer looks for clues, nuggets of information, little handles on which to hang his scripts. It might be a detail, such as a superior service or a product feature, that sets your company apart from the opposition. It might be a genuine USP which takes the writer into… Read More

The cult of celebrity, of course, has always been with us. From Cleopatra to Henry VIII, from Rasputin to David Beckham. The question is:  does a celebrity voice add value to your company or brand’s  radio advertising? If so, is the celebrity voice worth the additional cost? All of this then leads to the bigger… Read More

A client asked me to write some radio advertising scripts yesterday and his simple instruction was “just make them annoying”‘. Wow! I can do annoying radio scripts of course – but is that the right way to go with radio advertising? Is there a point where a brand suffers because its cut through is so… Read More

Happy monday morning! As more and more people are now listening to both DAB Radio and FM Radio, a device where you can seamlessly switch between the two is long overdue. So I was pleased to see the news that Digital Radio UK are working with the major players in the industry such as Sony,… Read More

Every Quarter the radio station listenership results come in and the PR machines whir into action turning defeats into victories and victories into slaughters! There are lots of ways to cut through the results but looking at the actual reach of listeners per week per station is often the best barometer of all. So here’s… Read More