Noel Gallagher to Host Radio X Show

Noel Gallagher is to host a Sunday night residency this August on Global’s Radio X.

He’ll be hosting the new show with his friend and comedy writer Matt Morgan and will be heard every Sunday from 7pm till 9pm this month.

The residency will see Noel pick some of his favourite music and answer fan questions.

As well as being able to listen to Noel and Matt on Radio X, fans will also be able to watch on demand video content from the shows exclusively on Global Player.

Speaking about his Radio X Residency, Noel Gallagher said: “You lucky little indie kids are getting the pleasure of mine and the thinking man’s fuddy-duddy Matt Morgan’s company for a Residency. You’ll be hearing some great tunes, and a lot of nonsense, being spouted mostly by me! Tune in… you might learn summat. NG.”

Matt Deverson, Managing Editor of Radio X, said: “Whether it be through Oasis or the 10 years of his High Flying Birds, Noel Gallagher’s music is part of the fabric of Radio X, and I’m delighted that the man himself will be hosting a show on the station.

Ofcom – BBC Radio 1 Relax Listening Far Behind Predictions

Ofcom will not carry out a public interest test against BBC Radio 1 Relax saying the stream has significantly lower usage than predicted.

The regulator says the impact on competitors’ services is likely to be low, particularly as the uptake of the Radio 1 Relax stream has been modest.

After looking at the number of people streaming Radio 1 Relax, Ofcom said in a letter to the BBC and Radiocentre, that the data shows the amount of Radio 1 Relax accounts are higher than forecast, but usage is significantly lower than predicted.

Ofcom said: “The stream’s average weekly listening hours are currently much smaller than the average weekly listening hours for the three largest commercial ‘chill’ stations for which we have listening data (Magic Chilled, Smooth Chill and Virgin Chilled), making up only around 1-2% of their total combined weekly listening hours

Spotify is testing a less restrictive ad-supported tier

Spotify is testing a new paid tier, ‘Spotify Plus’. Spotify plus is a new low-cost subscription tier being piloted by the streaming service which combines elements of its existing free and premium tiers. The plan still features ads like Spotify’s free tier, but it doesn’t impose any limits on the number of tracks you can skip per hour. Users are also free to pick which specific songs they want to listen to, rather than mostly being limited to shuffling within albums and playlists.

It’s understood that Spotify’s test involves offering the new plan randomly at a variety of price points to gauge user interest.

Spotify’s free tier has existed in its current form since 2018. It doesn’t let users skip more than six tracks per hour, and only lets them pick and listen to specific tracks from 15 select playlists, ranging from editorial-selected playlists to algorithmically generated collections like “Discover Weekly” and “Daily Mix.” Outside of these playlists, free users can only listen to shuffled tracks. The new Spotify Plus tier is a relatively cheap way to reduce some of those restrictions.