As we move into Autumn (where has the time gone?!), we want to take a moment to reflect on the summer of 2021. A summer where we were able to visit family and friends again. A summer where we were able to take our families on days out. A summer where we were able to go on holiday again! Albeit the majority of us did stay in the UK. Summer 2021 was the summer of car journeys, staycations and increased spending!

With a whopping 13 million commercial radio listeners tuning in daily in their car (Source: IPA Touchpoints 2021), this opens up opportunities for brands to reach huge audiences via radio.

Radiocentre and DRG partnered up to carry out research into consumer attitudes and planned behaviour resulting from the post-pandemic effect entitled “Radio and the Road Ahead”. This blog will delve further into this research and report the highlights for your brand. How can more people listening in their cars drive bigger sales for your business?

Commercial radio listeners

Since restrictions began in 2020, more than a third of commercial radio listeners have consistently tuned in for longer – an additional 1 hour and 38 minutes per day in fact! That’s a 37% increase.

When these listeners were asked how confident they were in resuming pre-covid activities as vaccination numbers grew, 62% of them said they felt confident meaning they were ready to start getting back out and doing things again.

Lockdown has created some worries and concerns around job security and finances. However this research showed us that 46% of people have in fact saved money since the Coronavirus pandemic began meaning they have disposable income ready to spend.

The post-pandemic trends and buying habits

Supporting local businesses has been a huge trend to come out of Lockdown and this looks set to continue. 58% of them said they were looking forward to returning to their local high street again and 32% of them said that they feel more receptive to advertising by local businesses these days.

The Radiocentre study showed that people were looking forward to spending money again, particularly on socialising and travel. 41% of these looking forward to holidaying in the UK. As uncertainty remains around public transport, the car will provide a strong option for travel meaning in car listening will be at an all-time high.

Commercial Radio Listeners are almost twice as likely to purchase a car in the near future and they are looking forward to spending money on personal grooming and DIY – huge advertising opportunities for brands.

Summary of findings

If people are in their cars more often and for longer periods of time, this results in greater availability to listen to the radio. Radio listening in-vehicle is increasing – currently 65% of commercial radio listeners claim to listen to radio in the car, that’s up 12% since August 2020.

  • People are eager to get out to spend their money, enjoying days out and holidays in the UK
  • A strong desire remains to support local businesses and shop local
  • With underlying concerns remaining around public transport, the car will provide many with the easiest and safest travel option, whatever their plans

(Source for all statistics in this report are from Radiocentre/DRG 201 and The Road Ahead)

With more people in their cars, radio provides a great opportunity for advertisers to reach listeners at a time when they’re in a positive mindset and heading out for enjoyable activities. If you’d like to find out more about radio advertising and how it could help to build your brand and sales,  speak to one of our radio experts today at We are your expert audio advertising department, trusted to handle our client’s clients – the agency’s agency.