Education sector marketing is notoriously challenging. With a new audience each year, the rise of digital marketing channels and fractured consumption, marketing to a younger age group is becoming ever more complex. However, the increasing consumption of audio, and especially the rise of digital audio, now offers the education sector some new and exciting options.

The following details some of the options available along with real life examples of what others have done to promote their schools, colleges and universities.

Using audio to talk to students

The last few years have seen a dramatic rise in digital audio listening (listening via connected devices), particularly amongst younger audiences. 78% of 15–24-year-olds are listening to live radio online each week and 68% are listening to streaming services. Alongside the growth in listening has come a range of targeting options. Products such as DAX and Octave allow us to talk to users of a wide range of audio platforms simultaneously, from radio stations such as Kiss and Capital, through to services such as Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

These products mean we may target specific age ranges, demographics, and behavioural segments such as those in secondary education, current at university or completing a masters, ensuring that we are talking to the right people with the right message at the right time.

Spotify also offers precise age, geographical and interest targeting, allowing us to speak directly to an engaged audience within relevant catchment areas. But not only does Spotify allow us to target precisely, with 13m free UK users, Spotify also offers significant scale.

  • Spotify reaches 79% of 18-24 in the UK
  • 21% of Free users on Spotify are Students and they stream on Spotify for an average of 2.5 hours a day every day
  • Students on Spotify are 244% more likely than the general UK population to discover new brands from ads on music streaming services
  • Students on Spotify are 17% more likely to regularly inform their friends and family on new products/services
  • Streams to the Focus moment are 17% more likely to be played by listeners ages 0-17
  • Streams to the Study moment are 14% more likely to be played by listeners ages 0-17

Audio and Digital

Audio and online is a potent media mix. The real-time linear nature of music streaming strongly complements the on-demand nature of online media. Both audio and digital provide targeted reach, personalised content, one on one interaction, and personalities that listeners are loyal to,

Using audio alongside digital and social media also provides a cost-effective way to reach more people in an engaging way.

Audio campaigns utilise the “theatre of the mind’, so by adding audio to a digital plan you can add personality to the imagery. With low levels of ad avoidance, audio excels at reaching out and spreading awareness whilst digital and social allows people to pursue their interest in a service,

How to make an audio ad

The creation of audio to promote education services and establishments may seem a challenge, but with just a few considerations it is easy to create an effective and memorable audio campaign.

Firstly, consider the tone of voice, which for a student audience should be positive and forward thinking. In these times, when the listener is feeling stuck in one place, a sense of dynamism, travel and achievement of life goals is essential. Use young, fresh, relatable voices. Voxpops of genuine students can also add a sense of realism but should always be accompanied by a professional voiceover for tonal contrast.

Care should be taken with music choices. Of course, the aim is to appeal to a young audience, but with such a diversity of music tastes, it is better to pick something modern and unobtrusive than a specific genre which might not appeal to some listeners. Using the same music as voices as those used on video and social campaigns will create a sense of familiarity and

Some of our work

At Radio Experts, we have booked and created audio for many campaigns within the education sector, including a range of clients from local/regional schools and colleges through to online learning and mentoring programmes.

Below are just some of the clients that we have worked with, along with examples of radio ads we have created.

To explore how we can help with the planning, buying and production of your audio campaign contact us.


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