A year on from Lockdown 1, we find ourselves at home… still.

Who could have imagined this, 12 months back?

International Day of Happiness is an annual event recognising the importance of happy people around the world. Given the events of the last year, it feels more important than ever – as we look for positive ways to support each other. It also feels like a good time to reflect on how radio has helped.

Over the 12 months, radio has provided much support for those who have needed it. The topic of mental health has become ever more present and important as our social circles have narrowed. Radio has done its part to help fill these voids with comfort and positivity. As listeners, we welcome presenters like friends into our homes to provide companionship and familiarity. Radio allows us socially distanced friendship at home within the rules.

Why do we listen to the radio? 90% of people say they listen to stay in touch with the world and while for 85%, it is because radio lifts their mood. Radio provides escapism and the opportunity to relax. Radiocentre research shows that radio is the highest scoring medium (compared to TV and online) for increasing both energy and happiness. This is true across all days of the week and almost all times of day.

Further underlining radio’s importance, recent research from Bauer Radio has revealed that 50% of the UK public say that they have a closer relationship with their favourite radio station now compared to pre-lockdown.

In short, radio has offered comfort, information, and escapism. But most importantly, radio has helped make people happy.

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