A few weeks ago we told you how Bauer has introduced 7 brand new online stations. Now, Global Radio are following suit by launching 5 new stations.

Last week we were greeted with 3 national offerings in the form of Heart 70’s, Heart 90’s and Capital Xtra Reloaded. This week they’ve introduced Smooth Country across London, Manchester, Nottingham and the South of England and Smooth Chill in London.

The 5 new stations, launched by Global, are part of a strategy to expand their seven main brands, each focused on a specific era or a genre of music.

UK Radio continues to experience major change. For example Smooth Chill replaces the 15 year old station previously known as “Chill”. In addition, Sunday saw the final transmission of The Arrow, which has now closed down. Both stations started broadcasting before Global owned them.

These new services will offer advertisers increased opportunities to reach UK radio listeners. Call us to find out more about any of these exciting changes in the radio landscape.

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