Radio audience figures released last week by RAJAR, show digital now accounts for 44.1% of all radio listening – up from 41.7% on the previous quarter.

Ownership of a DAB digital radio also increased to 55.7% of the population, with 30 million adults now owning a DAB radio – that’s an increase of 14% year on year.

There’s no doubt that digital listening is still growing. This is likely to fuel the investment by commercial radio groups in developing more diverse and highly targeted stations, such as Share Radio, Fun Kids and Panjab Radio.

With more digital stations, there are increased opportunities for brands to “tune in” to audiences using hyper-targeting. This opens up a whole new world creatively, enabling the advertiser to develop radio concepts that match the “need state” of the listener with pin-point precision.

To maximise results in this new multi-channel digital world, radio advertisers will need to consider their creative much more carefully. Getting the voice-casting just right and making intelligent music choices will ensure the ad is congruent to the station, making the most of these hyper-targeting opportunities.

Radio Experts can help brands navigate this complex array of opportunities and pin-point the perfect solutions. Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising. @timcradioexpert

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