On Monday, Scots around the world and in the UK will celebrate the life of one of Scotland’s most famous sons, Robbie Burns.

This annual tradition will provide the chance to reflect on last year – a significant one for Scotland after the devolution vote and a big win for the SNP in the general election.

It was a significant year for Scottish radio too with Bauer launching two new youth targeted DAB stations one in Glasgow (Clyde 3) and the other in Edinburgh (Forth 3). These new stations will complement the more established City 1 and City 2 services.

Scotland is well served for radio with an excellent range of stations. Capital Scotland, Heart Scotland and Smooth Glasgow all have significant audiences whilst Stirling (Central FM), Fife (Kingdom FM). Inverness (Moray Forth Radio), Aberdeen (Original 106) and Dundee (Tay FM) offer more local targeting.

Radio Experts has a wealth of experience in planning and buying campaigns in Scotland – in fact, two of our radio planners were born north of Hadrian’s Wall, so they know this region like the backs of their hands!

Our creative team can also offer expertise, with access to a wide range of Scottish voices, to ensure commercials reflect local accents and create that all important affinity with the target audience.

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