It’s a good news story for Capital with the Capital Network seeing a rise in both weekly reach and total listening hours, which is up from Q1 2016.

Capital London is up in total listening hours by 6% from 9,474,000 to 10,061,000 with only a marginal 1% decrease in reach.

Capital East Midlands has seen an increase in reach and hours this RAJAR. Interestingly, the Leicestershire transmitter has increased in hours by 60% and in reach by 13% whereas the Derbyshire transmitter has dropped in weekly reach from 131,000 to 104,000 and hours from 923,000 to 602,000.

Listeners on the south coast are listening longer with Capital South Coast seeing an increase in hours from 1,149,000 to 1,598,000 up by 39%.

Capital North East has also had an impressive increase in hours of 38% despite a marginal increase in weekly reach from 488,000 to 494,000.

Capital Liverpool has seen a marginal increase in weekly reach from 228,000 to 234,000, however it has decreased by 20% in hours from 1,699,000 to 1,367,000.

Capital Network – up in reach by 4% and up in hours by 7%

Capital London – down in reach by 1% and up by 6% in hours

Capital East Midlands – Leicester is up by 13% in weekly reach and up in hours by a 60% increase.

Capital East Midlands – Derbyshire reach down by 21% and down by 35% in hours.

Capital South Coast up in reach by 8% and up in total hours by 39%

Capital North East up in reach by 1% and increase in hours by 38%

Capital Liverpool up in weekly reach by 3%, down in hours by 20%

Capital Manchester down in reach by 4% with no change in total hours

Capital North West and Wales reach increase of 10% and no change in total listening hours

Overall, the picture is of strong growth for Capital as London and the regions show their love for big tunes and big name presenters.


The Heart Network remains the UK’s biggest radio network, seeing marginal gains and losses with a staggering 9 million listeners tuning in each week.

Heart London is still a big player on the London scene with an impressive 11% increase in reach from 1,547,000 to 1,724,000, and only seeing a slight decrease in listening hours.

There are a few more Heart station splits included in RAJAR this quarter, producing some impressive gains on the individual transmitters.

Heart Essex is up in both reach and total listening hours – The Chelmsford & Southend transmitter has a 9% increase in weekly reach but an impressive 22% increase in total hours.

There has been some volatility within the transmission splits for Heart West Country, however the overall picture remains positive with the weekly reach figures remaining steady with 699,000 listeners each week.

There have been marginal changes to Heart Four Counties, however the Beds/Bucks/Herts transmitter is up in hours by 7% from 1,030,000 to 1,106,000 but down in reach by 12% from 171,000 to 150,000.

Heart Network down in reach by 1% and down by 2% in hours

Heart London up in reach by 11% and down by 9% in hours

Heart Essex up in reach by 6% and up in hours by 16%

Heart Essex (Chelmsford & Southend) up by 9% in reach and up 22% in hours.

Heart West Country (Bristol/Weston & Bath) down in reach by 43% and down by 52% in hours.

Heart Four Counties (Beds, Bucks, Herts) down by 12% in reach and up 7% in hours.

Heart Kent down marginally in reach by 2%, also down by 6% in hours

Heart North East up in hours by 7% and down in reach by 2%

Heart North West weekly reach remaining the same, with a drop in hours by 10%

Heart South West up in reach by 3% and down in hours by 9%

Heart Sussex drop by 10% in hours and reach marginally down by 1%.

This RAJAR Heart can hold its head high and proudly announce it is still the UK’s biggest radio network. If you are looking for big numbers across the country Heart is your go to brand.

Smooth Radio

The success stories are Smooth Cambridgeshire, Smooth Radio Essex, Smooth Radio Solent, Smooth East Midlands which have all seen significant increases in weekly reach and hours. This is reflected in the overall Smooth Network figures with an increase in reach by 3% from 4,800,000 to 4,955,000 and hours by 5% from 35,970,000 to 37,614,000.

There is an increase in reach for Smooth Radio London from 779,000 to 782,000 and a slight decrease in hours by 9%.

Smooth Cambridgeshire has had a significant increase in total hours with a 60% increase from 396,000 in Q1 to 635,000 in Q2. Its weekly reach has also increased from 44,000 listeners to 59,000 listeners up by 34%.

Smooth Radio Essex has also seen a good RAJAR with an increase in reach from 70,000 to 85,000 (21%) and in hours from 433,000 to 597,000 (38%).

Smooth Radio Solent has increased in reach from 77,000 to 105,000 up by 36%, and an increase in total hours from 580,000 to 763,000 up by 32%.

Smooth Radio East Midlands is up by 11% in reach from 380,000 to 422,00 and an increase in hours from 2,878,000 to 3,801,000 up by 32%.

Smooth Radio East Anglia saw a slight decrease in reach of 6% and a more significant drop in hours of 23%.

Smooth Radio Network up in reach by 3% and up in hours by 5%

Smooth Radio London weekly reach remaining the same and down in hours by 9%

Smooth Radio Cambridgeshire up by 34% in weekly reach and up 60% in total hours

Smooth Radio Essex up in reach by 21%, and up in hours by 32%

Smooth Radio Solent increase in reach by 36%, and increase in hours by 32%

Smooth Radio East Midlands up in reach by 11% and up in hours by 32%

Smooth Radio East Anglia down in reach by 6% and down in hours by 23%

Smooth Radio Four Counties down by 7% in weekly reach and down in hours by 11%

Smooth Radio Kent up 6% in reach and up in hours by an impressive 54%

The UK population have demonstrated their love for easy listening and mellow music on Smooth Radio, with impressive gains in reach and hours for Smooth stations across the country.

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