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Another good result for the big city network 2 stations across England – the biggest cheer goes out to TFM 2 in Teesside and Metro 2, both stations keeping up their strong performance from Q1. TFM 2 gains a massive 217% lift in total hours from 139,000 to 441,000…continuing their successful streak after a 65% increase in Q1. TFM 2 reach has also increased by 47%! In the north, Metro 2 is up another 39% in total hours, after a 52% increase last quarter.

  • Over in Liverpool, Radio City 2 is also celebrating 38% increase in hours (676,000 to 933,000) and 42% increase in reach
  • Rock 2 up 20% in total hours and 23% in reach

Bit of a mixed reaction to the big city 1 stations this quarter, the stand out Big City 1 station is Viking FM in Hull increasing its hours by 13% from 1,401,000 to 1,582,000.

There is more love for the breeze stations following on from a good Q1 result for many stations in the brand. South West, The Breeze (Bristol, Bath, west wilts) boasts an impressive 65% rise in hours and 31% increase in weekly reach this time around. More positivity is in the air with The Breeze in Yeovil and Solent both increasing in total hours and reach in Q2.

  • The Breeze Solent/East Hants/ West Surrey up 13% reach and up 22% hours
  • The Breeze Yeovil/ Shaftesbury/Bridgewater up 13% in reach and 18% in hours

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a bucket full of listener hours so it seems…JACK FM 2 Oxford up a whopping 53% in total hours for Q2 (jumping from 189,000 to 290,000) and also reaching 22% more listeners.

Pulse 1 gets the residents in Bradford’s blood pumping, racing up 43% in hours from 621,000 to 889,000 in Q2. It’s sister station pulse 2, however lost both reach and hours (-29% in reach and -14% total hours)

Signal 107 is up 47% up in hours; from 152,000 to 223,000 but its weekly reach has a light knock – down by 7%. Signal 2 on AM up by 30% in hours and up 6% in reach, though Signal 1 decreases hours by 10%.

East – the local station North Norfolk radio is up 42% in hours from 105,000 to 149,000 and also gains 13% more listeners!

Flying high, Eagle radio smashes the 1 million listener hours with an increase of 30% quarter on quarter. The station is now spreading its wings and reaching 141,000 weekly listeners (12% increase Q on Q)

Radio Plymouth up 35% in hours, from 198,000 to 268,000

Radio Exe up by 47% in total hours from 147,000 to 216,000, and increases reach by 12%.

Down by the coast, Wave 105 FM pulls its weekly reach up by 9% and 11 % in hours from 3,972,000 to 4,418,000 total hours


Other Local stations – Ups to mention 

IOW radio up 10% in hours

96.2 Touch FM – Coventry up 23% in hours

KL.FM 96.7 up 13% in hours

Spire FM up 19% in hours from 308,000 to 366,000 and also reaching 17% more listeners

Norwich 99.9 FM up 12% in hours

The Bay in Lancashire up 12% in hours

Chester’s Dee up 15% in hours and 12% in reach

Ridings FM up 19% in total hours

Lincs FM 102.2 up 9% in hours, up 4% in reach

Channel 103 FM now has a weekly reach percentage of 69%, up 4% from last quarter

Tower FM up 18% in hours

107.2 Wire FM up 10% in hours

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