When looking at all radio results, it always makes for interesting reading when you break out the specific results for DAB Radio and listening via Digital platforms. Overall, Digital listening was up by 2.3 million listeners YoY. Here’s the how and why.

The launch of new stations like the relaunched Virgin Radio added 409,000 listeners; brand extensions are all the rage which allowed Mellow Magic to glide in with an impressive 380,000 listeners; there was plenty to say about the new speech stations too, talkSPORT2 and talkRADIO provided over half a million listeners between them. This will please News Corp, the new owners of the Talk Radio family of stations. We also saw the effect of more DAB+ receivers in home and autos with national results coming in from the ever reliable Jazz FM up 6.6% year on year to 597,000 listeners and another brand extension Magic Chilled landing 233,000 listeners.

This RAJAR shows that 32 million (nearly 60%) of people aged 15+ listened at least once a week via a digital radio, digital TV or online platform each week. Looking at the the share of ALL RADIO LISTENING via a digital platform, it’s now at 45.3%. It’s the new normal. Content is King once again.

Some breakdowns:

DAB share of all listening now 32.2%

DAB now represents 71%+ of total digital listening.

Online listening grew to 8% of all listening share, which makes it 18% of digital listening

Digital TV listening was up as well, now 5.1% of all listening = 11% of digital listening.

In other news, DAB2 has a lower coverage of the UK than Digital One and the subsequent reduction in coverage for Planet Rock and Absolute 80s seems to have had an effect on their audience figures.

Planet Rock has fallen back from 1.2m to 986k

Absolute 80s has fallen back from 1.72m to 1.58m.

But these numbers are still incredibly strong

On the other hand, Kisstory has seen it’s digital coverage grow, adding 100k reach, now at 1.44m

Capital Xtra now has 1.3 million listeners up from 1.2 million on the quarter

Heat stayed temperature controlled with reach almost unmoved at 872,000

And to finish, here’s the obvious trend. 27% of adults claim to listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once a month, up 6% year on year. The figure rises to 39% of 15-24 year olds (also up 6% year on year). Listening is changing and engagement is rising, which all adds up to a great RAJAR for Digital Listening.

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