The London Marathon takes place this Sunday and although none of the Radio Experts team will be on the start line, you could say we know quite a lot about the marathons and sprints. This is because we often use these as metaphors to describe the different ways to advertise on radio.

A marathon means delivering results over a long term campaign. The sprint offers brands opportunities for a short, more tactical approach.

The marathon offers creative opportunities and partnerships through sponsorship and branded content, helping to build awareness and brand values. Spot airtime can also offer clients longer term exposure – for example a house builder with a 2 to 3 year site build can run a long (marathon) drip feed campaign at a low OTH until completion.

The marathon isn’t suitable for all brands; the sprint may be a better choice. Short term promotions can also get your brand to the top of the podium, running for only 2 weeks and creating buzz and talkability. Short term spot advertising, with strong creative can also provide effective brand recall and a good return on investment for all brands regardless of size and geographical location – a motor dealer may need to shift some stock quickly over a weekend and a heavy short term (sprint) burst of 6-8 OTH over a few days can effectively target the relevant audience.

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