May Day has been celebrated as a Bank Holiday since 1978 and whilst nearly everything used to be closed most shops are now open. Even the 144-year-old tradition of banks being closed on public holidays is coming to an end with Britain’s biggest lenders due to open a number of branches on Monday. Retail has progressed from being 5 days a week to 7 days a week now including every day apart from Christmas Day.

‘Think globally, act locally’ said Paul McCartney. Many of us still look to buy many items close to home and most of us will make the majority of our purchases within 10 miles of where we live. If the weather is good this weekend some of us may be dragged out to the nearest gardening centre, DIY store, furniture shop or the closest adventure park for the kids.

Radio remains one of the most effective ways of reaching this local retail audience throughout the day. Research by the UK’s Radio Advertising Bureau has shown that radio increases ad awareness by 70% for retail campaigns.

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