Listen to any commercial radio station at the moment and you’ll hear lots of travel brands promoting their products and services.

Why do they choose this time of year to advertise?

With the Christmas and New Year festivities over and the cold weather biting, everyone is looking to plan and book a holiday, so it’s the perfect time for travel brands to advertise on radio.

Recent research from the Radio Advertising Bureau shows radio out-performs other media in terms of ROI for brands within the travel sector by nearly 6 times. And with radio’s effect of boosting online browsing, the medium is ideal for directing holiday searchers to travel websites.

With radio you can target people at the right time and in the right places. For instance, whilst the listener is struggling with the drudgery of commuting to work on cold dark mornings you can target them with an appealing message about booking a holiday. With the right levels of creativity, radio can transport the listener anywhere from a busy souk in Morocco to a relaxing lagoon in the Maldives.

Getting the media plan and the creative execution working together is crucial to ensuring radio advertising success for holiday and travel brands. Radio Experts has a great deal of experience in planning campaigns that reach people at the right times as well as producing creative commercials that stimulate their desire to take action.

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