Christmas is approaching fast and at this time of year there’s a huge upsurge in sales of electronic goods. All of which is great news for radio and audio advertisers.

But what’s likely to be the top selling technology gift this Christmas?

According to technology Magazine “T3”, it’s likely to be the iPhone 5S. It’s a really cool phone which is also great for listening to radio and music streaming services on the move.

With such a plethora of devices now available, the opportunities to reach customers with the sound of your brand is ever expanding.

Whether customers are listening via apps on new tablets, tuning in via smart TVs, enjoying new smart phones or buying any of the many new types of radio devices – the essential truth is that sound is becoming more and more important.

More ways to listen mean there’s more radio choice than ever before, from niche stations on DAB to those with broader appeal on FM, delivering mass audiences.  There are also the “newer kids on the block”  – music streaming services such as Spotify, Blinkbox, Deezer and iTunes Radio.

Working out which of this multitude of media choices offer the best solution for radio advertisers is very complex.  At Radio Experts we help clients navigate the radio market place with carefully thought through rationale and clear recommendations. We’ve built our business by helping others to build theirs.

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