As Londoners wake up to dulcet tones of Radio 4 in the morning, flicking over to Magic as they stumble out into the foggy morning commute, the UK’s radio has had some interesting results this quarter.

After a nail biting few months when the industry thought people would never turn away from Olympics coverage on the BBC it would seem that commercial radio has not been affected to the extent feared. With 89% of the population tuning in to radio and thanks to shows on Absolute Radio (teaming up with BT London Live) and Talksport supporting the BBC it was not as much of an issue as first thought.

Mobile phone listening is on the rise thanks to the raft of new digital platforms. Reportedly 18% of adults listen to radio on their mobile phone an increase of 12% year on year, which is hardly surprising due to the great apps such as the Radioplayer and new digital services like Absolute Radio (with their high quality app and in-stream advertising).

Surely in London it’s all about the commercial radio breakfast show? This last quarter and year has seen an upheaval and change in the London morning marketplace that we haven’t seen for a few years, with the loss of Chris Moyle’s on BBC Radio 1 and Johnny Vaughan leaving Capital FM, how are Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon doing and how is Christian O’Connell getting on? Well, based on audience reach, Capital is still the favourite clock radio alarm station but Magic has made up ground percolating into second place (822,000 listeners) whilst Heart has slipped back into fourth place.

We’ll be pouring through the detailed results region by region / sector by sector  in the coming days. To see what this means for you the advertiser and how best to navigate your budget around this quarter’s RAJAR changes get the inside track from Radio Experts. And for more insight on RAJAR, the radio marketplace, great opportunity curation and a masterclass in planning buying and creating great radio advertising campaigns – please get in touch, or follow us on twitter.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

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