From the announcement that VW, General Motors and many other large manufacturers are putting DAB radio into cars as standard to the fact that UK became the second largest market for new cars in the EU (according to the SMMT)… the UK has been really revving up its engines in 2012.

Combining all this positive activity together, is it any wonder that in the UK motoring still has the biggest Radio Advertising spend – (RAB, Nielsen)?

With the convergence of in-car entertainment systems and the rollout of 4g(ee), the creation of the in-car entertainment experience can be a new in-car advertising space.

Where else can you have such an intimate connection with the listener? Where they are intently listening on a regular basis? Combine that with timely traffic updates or local information and advertising the incar audio experience is about to get a turbo boost. Check out Spotify’s collaboration with Ford getting the car stereo to control Spotify.

Imagine the power of intelligent car entertainment systems which can look at where a person is driving (thanks to their GPS) and tailor advertising to their destination or where they are going to pass on the way…

For more on the developments of in-car radio, on demand or indeed radio advertising for the motor industry in 2013… mirror, signal and manoeuvre your way over to our office

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

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