It would seem that 2013 may indeed be the year for in car DAB radio, with Volkswagen having recently announced that all of its 2013 models with have a DAB fitted as standard within their car’s entertainment systems.

With more and more boosted DAB signal in the UK  – will this be the year of DABs rise to glory? Or will the arrival of in car apps and internet connected car media centres put paid to the in car DAB revolution before it rolls off the forecourt?

It is clear that whoever can successfully corner the in car entertainment market will have an opportunity to access the unique way in which in car audio has that intimate and solus conversation with the driver. Its a great place to be – but whose going to be there with the driver?

For more information on in car listening and the brands and methods that succeed best in this advertising environment – contact us at Radio Experts for a chat.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

DAB Radio as standard for Volkswagen in 2013…

DAB Radio as standard for Volkswagen in 2013…

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