Once again, Apple’s renowned PR and Marketing wheels have been churning away, creating another eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 release. Our opinion of the iPhone5 was fairly biased due to the number of Apple Fanboys in our office…..but the trajectory of Apple really does paint a rosy picture for radio. Why?

Because it’s strongly rumoured that one of Apple’s next developments is to release a Spotify style music service. With the upgraded headphones, faster 4G connection and Apples iCloud all prevalent with the iPhone 5, it would appear everything is in line for a native Spotify style, Apple ‘I’ branded service.

And that means audio ads. And we love a bit of audio!

With the next Everything Everywhere (EE) 4G generation phones, we’ll see a revolution similar to the 3G impact of 2007, with content not just increased but its default style of presentation moving further from written and more towards constant heavy audio and visual.

Questions questions…..
Will more radio content be passed around to phones using the increasingly popular tunein app or the new download service from the BBC?
How will Radio Player fare against this new iteration of devices and super speed of connection, will Radio Player release an ios or android specific app…?

iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy S3…we’re on it.

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Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. tim.cowland@radioexperts.co.uk. @timcradioexpert

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