Well, we heard it through the grapevine, and now its happened. As of this morning, Absolute Radio 60s has launched on Digital radio.

We’re getting some pretty good vibrations about this new project from Absolute’s now prolific gang of digital station brands.

But will Absolute Radio 60s prove to be a house of the rising sun for Absolute or will it be a ‘bad moon rising’? Its hard to say.

Sure, Absolute 80s has been a compelling success with close to a million listeners but Absolute 70s, 90s and noughties have proved less ‘come on baby light my fire’ and more ‘where did our love go?’

So, all in all, a committed sixties sound for digital radio will be a welcome addition, we’re sure you’ll give it a try – and then the big question “will you still love them, tomorrow?’

Absolute Radio 60s launched this morning at 10am – unleashing a wave of big hair and bell-bottoms. People Get Ready.

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