I think I’m just realising what it must have felt like to be Archimedes as he leapt out of the bath or Captain Cook as he landed at Botany Bay, Australia. It feels good to discover things.

OK – I accept that discovering a new planning formula for Radio On Demand campaigns may not quite have media planners hopping around naked screaming ‘Eureka!!’ but its still something we find very exciting here at Radio Experts.

We’re calling it the Radio On Demand Principle – because we’ve uncovered something very interesting about campaigns with Radio On Demand sites  (like Spotify, We7 etc)

Through a series of campaigns and then carefully tracking their responses and characterisitcs, we’ve mapped an esserntial part of the DNA of what audio strategies will work best with sites like Spotify. We believe in researching because we believe in learning….otherwise what’s the point?!

In the past, Radio Advertising has always worked to rules of thumb about how important listener reach is to a campaign and how important frequency of message is for those listeners……..

But the equations are quite different for Radio On Demand….in fact they are very different.

If you are a brand or a planner and you are serious about embracing Radio On Demand sites like We7, Spotify, Deezer etc then this is MUST KNOW INFORMATION.

There is a direct correlation between Campaign click through ratios and our new planning strategy for Radio On Demand but its complicated stuff, so if you would like to know more about what works with Radio On Demand campaigns with services like Spotify, We7  and others, you can email me at the address below……

Happy New Year to you!

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio agency. tim.cowland@radioexperts.co.uk

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