This is a shameless plug for Radio Experts. Nevertheless, it contains an essential truth.

Great radio needs specialist care and attention.

From the planning through the creative process to the finished production you need people who are thoroughly immersed in the medium. Why should that be?

The proliferation of stations has made the selection of the correct station to match your audience profile a highly technical and scientific exercise.

The lack of interest from some creative agencies – they still view it as secondary to television -belies a fundamental fact: many creative’s are scared of writing for radio because it leaves them very exposed. After all, there’s just words, music, sound effects and silence -no Hollywood movies to borrow from, no Youtube videos to plunder, no directors to hide behind.

Which brings us to Radio Experts. With collective experience of over 60 years, we are aptly named. We live and breathe radio. We think about nothing else. (Not nearly as sad as it sounds).

And we have the testimonials and case histories to back up what we say.

However, rather than rest on our laurels, we spend a great deal of time thinking about the future of radio – how to plan for it and how to meet the creative challenges it will bring.

You  think you’ve heard all this before? With respect, we don’t think you have.

Call us and find out what specialist treatment can do for you and your radio budget.

Do call us. Unlike some specialists, we guarantee an immediate appointment.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency.

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