I’ve been busy with my Bunsen Burner, lab coat, headphones and calculator, I’ve been merrily deconstructing the formulas for success in this new audio environment, Radio On Demand. The result is that I can offer clients a Radio Expert On Demand service that delivers a smart route to independent advice and sophisticated audio and media work.

In our travels over the past month we’ve heard a lot of opinions and excitement about our pioneering work as Radio Experts On Demand. The way we see it, there are three Radio On Demand players to highlight to you right now:

  • Spotify – now closing in on 2.5 million users across the UK
  • We7 – delivering 2.5 million users also – and through a selection of services
  • Radio Experts On Demand– forging close links with this emerging industry and generating fascinating media and creative intelligence on what works and why.

If you have campaigns that require carefully honed geographic/conurbation or age targeting then we recognise the brief for you and put Radio On Demand schedules alongside the other stations we recommend. Its quite simply ‘another way’.

Looking for women 25-44 in Greater Manchester postcodes? We can deliver audio impacts on them and only them with our bank of Radio On Demand suppliers.

Looking for regional 45+ audience for travel products? Our Radio On Demand solutions could be perfect.
Want 25-54s with South Coast postcodes for property Open Weekends? We have some stunning Radio On Demand solutions and case studies for you.

The possibilities are endless because Radio used to offer three tiers, national, regional and local, but Radio On Demand services (like Spotify and We7) offer a 4th tier.

To find out more about our aggressive work in this new space, including how we have achieved click through rates at more than 10 times the average for some clients, just speak to the Radio Experts team. Its our favourite subject at the moment!

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio agency. tim.cowland@radioexperts.co.uk

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