As a Radio Expert, I live for my clients and for the success of my campaigns. So, when I’m recommending schedules, choosing the stations and geography that fit the brief and devising creative……there’s a lot of pressure to get things right.

Fortunately, successful radio advertising is as much about experience as it is about inspirational creativity. On the back of an envelope, I reckon that the team at Radio Experts have been responsible for placing in excess of £50 million worth of radio advertising over the years as well as countless dollars, Euros and all sorts of other weird and wonderful currencies. In terms of commercials written, we’ve quite simply produced too many to count. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, thin ones, loud ones, quiet ones….there’s little we haven’t done creatively over the years.

But the most important thing to me is to keep on learning. By making a science out of what works (and also taking careful note of what doesn’t work), it only increases the service I can provide to my clients and their very important advertising pounds / Euros / dollars / kwacha!?*

After all, if you’re not learning, you’re just not tuned in.

Right now, we’re learning some fascinating stuff about retinal eye movement in front of a computer and where your eyes go when you hear audio messages. There’s so much to learn and so much to get better at…….it might not be everyone’s bag, but I think being a Radio Expert is the most exciting  job on the dial.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio agency.

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