Guaranteeing Response on Radio

In recent newsletters we at Radio Experts have given a few case studies of clients we are working with who have tapped into the vast direct response potential of radio advertising.

In this challenging marketplace, every media needs to prove its worth and deliver a measurable return on investment. Radio is no different. Also in this type of market, off-piste and adventurous users of media tend to come to the fore as advertisers and media owners try new things.

Cost per response (or cost per acquisition) deals are a case in point, where there is a guaranteed return on investment for agreed response rate mechanisms. For several months now we have been negotiating various ingenious CPR deals and we have encouraged new advertisers to the wonderful world of radio as a result.

It’s all about value…

Radio Experts acts as a high octane agency’s agency, our remit being to seek out opportunities like this and we are always delighted to keep our clients up to speed with new developments in radio advertising.

So… if you have clients who would like to consider using radio as a DR medium with guaranteed response rates, email / call / IM and all that.  I’m at

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio agency.

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